Meet the Staff

Nikki Gath Office Coordinator

Nikki Gath
Office Coordinator

Name: Samantha N Gath

Nickname: Nikki

Birthday: October 12, 1990

Hometown: Lafayette, Indiana


McCutcheon High School

Ivy Tech Community College for Office Administration and Business Management

Personal Info

I have a two year old daughter, Laci Elaine

My special interests is anything artistic; photography, singing, dancing, reading, creative writing/poetry, scrapbooking

Q & A

Describe an ideal day in the clinic.

I make sure that I not only keep a smile on my face, but my co-workers, doctors, and most importantly our patients as well. I help the doctors in our office stay organized and make sure whatever they need is ready to go. It is also my duty to keep the office a clean and welcoming environment.

What do you like most about your job?

I like working with Dr. Chelsey and keeping our focus, which is striving to do our best to gain trust, spread knowledge, and help our community feel heathier.

What is the most rewarding outcome of the patients?

Patient satisfaction- seeing the relief on our patients face knowing that we are helping them take steps towards a healthier body and knowing that they want to return to our facility because they know we will do our best to take care of them.

What is your favorite thing about your clinic?

No matter the weather, I always feel welcomed by the staff the moment I walk through our office doors.


Movie: Twilight Trilogy, Titanic, Night at the Roxbury, Hunger Games, Deadpool, The Last Song

Movie Genre: Comedy and Romance

Genre of Music: All Genre

Color: Pink and Yellow

Snack/food: Most fruit and white chocolate covered pretzels

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